КатегорияПожилые Дата1-02-2012, 18:43 Просмотровпросмотров: 1677 - Veronica Avluv, Jenna Ross/ Мамочка любит молодые пары 2012. - Veronica Avluv, Jenna Ross/ Мамочка любит молодые пары 2012. - Veronica Avluv, Jenna Ross/ Мамочка любит молодые пары 2012. - Veronica Avluv, Jenna Ross/ Мамочка любит молодые пары 2012.

Имя актрисы: Jessy Jones Jenna Ross Veronica Avluv
Название ролика: Veronica Avluv, Jenna Ross - [RealityKings] 2012.
Подсайт и сайт:
Дата релиза: 2012
Жанр: 2girlBJ blowjob brunette deepthroat doggystyle facial lesbian mature shaved squirting straight tattoo teen threesome white
Продолжительность: 00:35:58

О ролике: Jenna got a note from her teacher asking her to come by her house to discuss her academics. She thought she was in huge trouble and as she walked up to her house she ran into Jesse. They greeted each other and wondered why they were both summoned to meet their teacher at her house. Ms. Avluv greeted them at the door and poured them some lemonade to sip on as they conversed. Jenna started getting a little freaked out when Ms. Avluv started asking questions about her romantic life. She told Jenna she considered herself a friend and she just wanted to be there as a more experienced woman to help her in any way she can. She asked Jesse what he thought of the whole situation while the teacher went to the bathroom. Jesse thought it was weird how touchy feely the teacher was being and Jenna thought it would be best for them to keep their cool and play along for fear that their grades might suffer if they complained or anything. Jesse went looking for Ms. Avluv to let her know they were going to take off and that is when Ms. Avluv pounced on Jesse. He had no idea what to do when she whipped out his dick gave it a couple licks. They made their way back to the living room and Ms. Avluv put the moves on both of them. I guess she knew Jenna already had a crush on Jesse and she facilitated the whole thing. Jenna learned exactly how to please a guy with the aid of Ms. Avluv and her brilliant, titillating tutelage. Jesse got to have his fill of Jenna and her sweet, inexperienced pussy and he picked up a bunch of tricks along the way from banging Ms. Avluv until she gushed all over the living room floor.


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Размер: 396 mb


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